The Founder

The Founder
Emma Molenaar
Emma has been involved in Health & Elite Sports for over 11 years.

She is a fully qualified Physiotherapist with over 11 years of clinical experience and a former National Level Basketball player and Rower.
Emma has a diploma in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Hypnotherapy.
On top of that, she is also a level 1 Rowing Coach and is currently the year 7 Head Coach at St. Josephs College.
Other areas of interest are Kinesiology, Positive Psychology, Neuro-Science and of course elite sports.

Having worked with many disciplinaries on her way to National success she realised the importance of combining physical optimisation techniques with mental and emotional self-awareness. ``Our greatest hurdle is often ourselves``.

As a young and later mature athlete, Emma has always been fascinated how to push the body and mind to its limits.

Due to her experience in elite sports, Physiotherapy, NLP and Hypnosis, she has learned:
- How to optimise the body prior to workouts and competitions. You can literally breathe yourself into ``The Zone``.
- Set yourself up to increase your strength and endurance without having to train more.
- Have unshakable focus during high-pressure moments.
- Break down self-sabotage patterns and re-program your neurology/behavior